Football with a Lions fan Week 3: Green Bay Packers


Go Blue Blog: Source: Jim Harbaugh Likely to be Michigan’s Next Coach

Now, before we all start celebrating, let me just say that this is essentially “I know a guy who knows a guy who knows Dave Brandon.” Not exactly confirmation of anything. May not even be true. If it is; great, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Also, if Michigan ends up being bad enough that they’d fire Hoke, I’m not exactly sure Dave Brandon doesn’t get fired as well. So, let’s take all this with a grain of salt and cross our fingers and hope it’s true.

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Go Blue Blog: Well, At Least We Can Still Win the Big Ten. Right?…Right?

Look, let’s just say it: this team isn’t very good. The young guys still need to develop and the upperclassmen aren’t playing like upperclassmen. Through four games, Michigan has as many wins as they do games where they didn’t even make it into the red zone. “Inept” doesn’t even begin to describe the offense Saturday, and it starts with Devin Gardner. No, the offensive line hasn’t been great, but neither has Gardner. I still think his passes look better than they did last year, but his decision-making is every bit as poor. So, I was really glad to see Shane Morris come into the game late. Hoke has yet to name a starter for the Big Ten opener against Minnesota, but I really hope it’s Morris. Yes, Morris will make mistakes; he’s a sophomore. But if Michigan’s going to have a guy at quarterback making sophomore mistakes, I’d rather said quarterback actually be a sophomore, and not a fifth-year senior.

On a positive offensive note, Derrick Green impresses me more each week. Saturday against Utah, I was particularly impressed with his patience and vision. For the most part, he was doing a great job of waiting for the play to develop, then finding and hitting the hole. His week-to-week progress is encouraging, and about the only bright spot on this offense at the moment.

On defense, the front seven had their most impressive performance of the season. Unfortunately, most of the good they did was undone by a secondary that continues to be unable to cover anybody. It’s a big problem when the best player in the secondary is a true freshman. (Worth noting: the same can be said for the offensive line.)

Hoke Watch: This game isn’t going to do any favors for a coach who fans already want replaced. And at this point, I have no idea how anybody can possibly defend Brady Hoke. There is talent on this team.  Too much talent for this team to be 2-2 and not even get into the red zone in half its games. Which is why I’m still somewhat optimistic about the future of Michigan football, even if they can’t turn the season around in conference play. I don’t think this program is in such bad shape that if they were to bring in a better coach in the off-season (*cough* Jim Harbaugh *cough*) that they wouldn’t seriously improve.

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Go Blue Blog: Bouncing Back

After last week’s debacle, I think we’re all pretty glad to be on the other end this week, beating Miami (OH) 34-10. Having said that, we need to acknowledge that this team is still not where they need to be. There was a stretch in the first half where they looked downright bad. The offensive line needs to give Gardner more time to throw, Gardner needs to make better decisions with the football, turnovers need to be eliminated, and on the other side, the secondary needs to step up.

Now that we’ve got the negative stuff out of the way, Team 135 did a lot right Saturday. Derrick Green had his best game yet, showing why he was the #1 running back recruit in his class. The offensive line created openings for him and he did a great job hitting the holes and getting to the next level. Amara Darboh stepped up in the absence of Devin Funchess, who was out with an injury. The front seven looked very good, despite missing Desmond Morgan. Shane Morris came in to get some snaps late in the game and had a nice run and made two perfect throws (that were unfortunately dropped).

On defense, Jabrill Peppers returned from injury and showed the potential to be the superstar corner that Michigan recruited. He’s obviously got the physical tools to be great, and he’ll only continue to improve in that department, but what I’m most impresses with about Peppers, especially at this early stage of his career, is how smart of a player he is. He just always seems to be in the right spot, both before and after the snap. I’m anxious to see him play against better competition.

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room here: Brady Hoke. This week, Matt Hinton of Grantland wrote this column, talking with Brian Cook of MGoBlog about Hoke and where he’s taken the program. Safe to say, the patience is wearing thin at Michigan. Right now, unless Michigan runs the table from here on out, I have a hard time believing Brady Hoke keeps his job. I know what you’re saying: how could Michigan fire Hoke if they end up 10-2? Because the honeymoon’s over, that’s why. After going 11-2 in his first season, as of this writing, Hoke has gone 17-12 since. Against the Academic Fraud-Committing Chickens, Little Brother, and Ohio, he’s a combined 4-6. If they lose to Little Brother again this year, with the Big Ten being down this year, and no other potential impressive wins on the schedule other than Ohio, which itself looks a lot less impressive, after losing to Virginia Tech, who then turned around and lost to East Carolina, by the time Michigan gets to the Ohio game, I feel like it would be a foregone conclusion that Hoke would be let go after the season. If they beat Little Brother and lose to Ohio, it would be their tenth loss to Ohio in the last eleven years. That, coupled with what happened last week would be awfully hard for a fan base who’s already scouting out potential replacements to stomach.

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